Tennis Training Aids

The Tennis Training Aid rabbit whole goes deep. There are all kinds of gizmos and gadgets out there that guarantee to add speed and consistency to your tennis game.
What I have learned from my mentors and what makes sense to me is… first the aid has to be encouraging you to do something that is correct. In some cases the entire premise of the tennis aid is off to begin with, forcing you to do something that is inefficient. In this case your tennis instructor simply is lacking knowledge. In other cases the training aid is forcing a person to do something. Although this can give the feeling of the desired out come, it’s important to note that this will not change the motor program coming from the brain as the signal is still being sent, despite wether or not the device is allowing the player to perform the action.
So what training aids work!? Training aids that work give feed back to the student and encourage a correct fundamental stroke. By giving feedback rather than forcing the player themselves is the one doing the action and thus changing the swing. Additionally, the player should also understand why they are doing what it is they’re doing. Without understanding a tennis player is doomed to repeat the same inefficient habits which got them to experiment with training aids in the first place. See the attached video which encourage a player to take an efficient swing path while the coach explains the purpose of the aid.