Tennis Serve Pronation – What is it?

Serve PronationPronation in regards to a tennis serve as well as all throwing sports increase arm speed. In the case of tennis that equates to racquet head speed and thus ball speed. The bonus effect however in tennis is that the arm truning to the hit allows you to impart spin on the ball if striking while the arm is pronating. Power and spin are two reasons you should pronating. The problem is I almost never see any one naturally doing it. In my 22 plus years of teaching tennis, I am confident I can count on one hand the amount of times ive seen a person pick up a racquet having not played the sport, use a continental grip and pronate to the hit over their head. Much more common is a player grasping the racquet with a Forehand grip (aka pancake grip) and doing what comes natural…pushing the ball intot he box successfully.

The counter-intuitive nature of the serve persist through learning many of the fundamentals in tennis. This is why it’s so important to find qualified instrcutors in our sport. If allowed to do “what feels natural” you’re in for a long hard journey. Good fundamentals make sense, but the tennis court is a giant optical illusion and finding a tennis teacher to help you navigate this is vital. I hope the attched serve pronation video helps you better understand why and how to pronate.